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The Lower Puffington Ladies’ Auxiliary Society is determined to win the annual Billinghamshire County Best Village award. However, the village is not immune to trouble, and it falls upon these community-minded seniors to set things back to their right and proper place.

Grandma Club is a one page RPG that can be played with a single six-sided die. It reqires one GM (Great Matriarch) and at least one OAP (Old Age Player.)

CategoryPhysical game
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorThird Country Press
GenreRole Playing
TagsDice, Funny, One-page, One-shot


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Hey there! Would you be cool if I printed out some of these for Free Little Libraries? I could contribute to you. Just wanted to ask. Thanks!

You're more than welcome to do so! We're big supporters of Little Free Libraries.

WOO! You are awesome! Thanks! Can't wait to help folks roleplay that the youths are setting off fireworks in the town square. :D


Used the mechanics to run a Pride oneshot, altering the Grandma Club to be the Sapphic Sorority Seniors, on a mission to save the local Pride festival after the organizers dropped the ball. It was comedy gold and Goats dyed in Pride Flag colors with vegetable based dyes (Fiber Arts and Gardening rolls) make excellent interactive decor. Little bit of an issue when they try eating costumes, but a huge asset when Cops get doused in fruit juice (Gardening and Feist) and the goats swarm the officers trying to eat their now fruity uniforms.


This was so great, somehow our game turned into a pvp wizard battle but ya know,


We recorded our session in case anyone wants to listen! (CW for smoking, drinking, and swearing) 


Thank you, this was a delightful game. So glad to have figured out where those pesky goats were coming from (it was that village down the road again). Our petunias are safe now.  -- Agnes-Anabella Mauve Friedrichson